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Madeleine Russell

Yesterday we experienced birth. Our Heiffer calf born two years ago was due to become a mother. As feet and nose poked out her behind we knew it was going to be soon. However the new mother struggled and then she fell over and rolled a bit down the hill and landed upside down. John and I raced from the edge of the paddock and met in the middle and flipped her over. Lucky John had his phone, lucky I had the ropes. A vet call later, we broke the sack with a stick, attached the ropes and pulled with each contraction. The calf was alive, the mother was saved and we were exhausted but overjoyed at being able to help and be apart of such a wonderful arrival. The calf was just too big. The now cow (you become a cow once you give birth) was suffering from calving paralysis however so we had to be mum for a while cleaning and rubbing and helping her to stand up. They are bonding now, better than yesterday, but slowly getting to know each other. She has even stopped kicking the calf and now licking it instead. Mum is up after some homeopathics, minerals and a needle jab that did the trick. Magic happens everyday! Thank you for sharing yours!


Oh how wonderful! Thanks for sharing such a magical moment - and so glad to have such a positive outcome! Perfect weather for sitting in stillness today! xx

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