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One-Line Bio

Finding joy and celebration in the beauty of everyday happenings


Hello! Thanks for popping by. Pease feel free to join us as we attempt to capture glimpses of our lives in Australia. Sometimes schooling, sometimes homeschooling - sometimes creating, sometimes not - sometimes reflecting, sometimes reacting - sometimes laughing, sometimes desperately attempting to stay calm - most of the time we are loving life and all that wonder it has to offer us (dirty dishes and all). We live in the country on 5 acres with mum dad and 4 beautiful children (Harriet, 11, Grace, 10, Delphie, 8, and Billy, 4) and a multitude of animals. The children's names have been changed for privacy reasons - you understand. Come, join us, as we chronicle bits of our lives and adventures as lifelong learners...


rainy days and hot soup, sunshine on a winter's day, the pure laughter of my children, dancing in the kitchen with my husband, watching the fire fairies in our wood stove, a freshly laid egg, celebration of a seed GROWING in the garden, playing with my family, cooking with the children, learning how to craft, taking photos of simplicity